Australia Visa Application

Australia Visa Application

Traveling to Australia is very easy and trivial if you apply the right formats and following the steps strictly.

Before you can be granted entry into Australia, you will need a Visa which is sometimes wearisome and monogamous to apply, nevertheless it is very simple if you adopt the right approach.

To apply for Australia Visa, they’re some certain things you will have to keep in mind such as the categories you’re applying to avoid doing anything out of naivety which in turn might make your application approval burdensome.

To apply for Australia Visa, below are the steps you will have to follow.

Applying for Australia Visa is not much different from the process employed when applying for Visa into another country except for some few Australia policies.

Moreover when applying for Visa to Australia, they’re different methods of application category you will also encounter, nevertheless, for each category, the steps are the same except for some technical issues involved, depending on your categories.

Finding the category of your Visa

This is the first approach you will have to uphold while preparing to travel to Australia, you will have to find and conclude the type of Visa you will want to apply.

To find that, you need not make any tasking research on that, you can visit the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website online to present your questions or you can easily browse out the the categories of Visa you wants to apply using some certain tools such as “Find Online Visa”.

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The “Find online Visa” works on the principle that when you provide the necessary information about your trip, then the website will generate the suitable Visa category based on your data provided.

Some few categories of Australian Visa are:

Work visa
Temporary entry visas
Visitor visa
Business visa
Student visa
Permanent entry visa

After you have deduced the categories of Visa you’re going to apply, then spare a few time to read about the terms and conditions following the application, the documents needed and the various fees and other petty stuffs attached.

Filling the Application Form

To apply for Australia Visa, you need to fill the Visa application form which is either done online or by visiting the Australia embassy.

The application form literally portray your personality, the type of trip you’re embarking on and the purposes, so individuals should be careful and read the contents of the form extensively before filling it.

Filling for the wrong information might hassle your Visa approval in the nearer future.

Visa application Payments

After you’re done with filling the forms, then you’ll be redirected to the payment page where you will have to make all the required payments before proceeding the application.

The payment can either be done online or at the registration place. Australia residents are advised to pay using card, or bank cheques if you’re applying from a foreign country.

below is the breakdown of the payments of the application fees

The entitled applicant is expected to pay AUD $ 3,755.00. any other additional applicant attached to him/her will have to pay over AUD $ 1,875.00 for 18 years old and above, an additional applicant below 18 years old will be charged AUD $ 940.00.

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Other payment you might be asked for are:

• Non-Internet Application charge

• Base application fee

• Subsequent Temporary application charge &

• Additional charge for 18 years and above

Submission and Processing

After completing the payments, and other application form fillings, then you can now submit your Application pending approval.

After the application submission, you will have to wait for certain time, maybe some days, weeks or up to a month before the processing can be completed depending on the type of Visa you applied for.

After your Visa is being processed, a mail will be sent to you notifying you if you’re approved or not.

If you are approved, then congrats you have already gotten a golden ticket to Australia.

Please Note;

• Each type of Visa takes different processing time and different fees, to avoid any form of Visa hassling, you should be wary of the category you belong and how the application submission is executed.

• Be prudent of Imputing wrong information while filling the application form, providing wrong information could impede the processing and probably get you rejection afterwards, this is why it is advisable that applicants should be careful while carrying out the processes of the application

• To reduce certain stress and for effective error free application, you can can require the help of a third party such as travel assists or any other trusted travel company.

• While awaiting your Visa processing to Australia, it is advisable to avoid booking any air tickets because a delay or rejection during the cause of the processing will automatically gets your tickets vitiated hence your expenses squandered.

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Note: having the Visa does not mean you’re automatically licensed to enter Australia, you can still be rejected at their entrance to the country by the delegated officials if they are suspicious that you might be a threat to the country.

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