Canada Permanent Residency



Canada Permanent Residency

Canada is no doubt one of the most developed country in the world, it is a beautiful country located in North America. because of the enticing beauties and opportunities, people from different parts of the world are always at the verge of finding their ways into the country.

So in this sphere, I would basically list the different ways you can easily settle down as a permanent resident in Canada.

Canada as a country is an opportunity hub for people and no doubt, you can try your luck today and expect the outcome. thousands of people applied for Canada permanent residency every year and the slots is changing exponentially this days, this is why the odd might be at your side.

In nearer future, the Canadian government has planned on receiving up to one million residents in 3 years coming with a lot of sparkling opportunities awaiting them to grab and explore.

The Canadian government has and would be receiving following numbers of permanent residents over the previous and coming years.

2019 341,000

2020 341,000

2021 351,000

2022 361,000

Who is a Canada permanent Resident

A Canada permanent resident is someone who is legally allowed to live in Canada (not a citizen) but will explore and enjoy many of the privilege enjoyed by other Canadian citizens and will be staying for a long term, either forever or for some years depending on your choices of years to stay.

As a permanent resident in Canada, you’re entitled to work in any ministry you want, study in any institutions of learning you intend to and equally apply for Canada citizenship after you’re done with the expected residency years.

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You will also pay your taxes as a permanent resident and you will be covered and protected by the Canadian laws while you must abide the laws.

How do I become a permanent resident in Canada

Of course, they’re lots of steps you will have to follow before becoming a permanent resident in Canada depending on your entry method, all the categories have different entry application.

Below are the types of Canada permanent residency

Express Entry

Express Entry introduced on 1st of January 2015 is one of the easiest way to find your way into Canada for permanent residency. It gives room to immigrants wishing to move on to Canada permanently for a skillful purposes.

The Canadian Express Entry program has the most voluminous and golden opportunities for immigrants. it has different categories or types of skills and occupations.

To know more about express entry, check here.

Business Immigration

This is a landslide opportunity for those who wishes to do or invest in businesses.
new immigrants who posses the knowledge of business normally find their way into Canada through this method. It is safe and reliable with little or no stress.

Family Class Immigration

This immigration method is basically for families who wishes to reunite in Canada.

As a family man/woman or whoever, either you’re a permanent resident in Canada or a citizen of the country, you can sponsor any of your family relations to Canada to settle with you permanently.

some of the sponsorship programs include:

Family Class Sponsorship

Spousal Sponsorship

Grandparent Sponsorship

Parent Sponsorship

Children Sponsorship

Sibling Sponsorship

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Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian experience class is one of the Canada immigration program which is aimed at helping temporary international students, workers or any other visitor to apply for works and settle down as a permanent resident.

Although it might seems vague, but it is easy and compatible if you meet up with the basic requirements for the program needless of your nationality.

Provincial Nominee Program

The Canada provincial nominee program is one of the best ways to immigrate to Canada for permanent residency purpose.

It requires you to poses a certain skill needed in the state, territory or province and scoring the required threshold points which is 67. each province or territory has its specific demand for the types of skills they wants and the criteria for each type of skills nomination varies depending on your province.

Individual willing to settle in the particular province or territory must be hard working and willing to contribute to the economy of the territory and the country at large.


• if you’re offered a permanent residency in Canada, then following that, you will be issued a Permanent Residency Card called PR card.

The permanent residency card (PR card ) serve as your identification card, with your PR card, you can work anywhere, enjoy all the social vibes by other Canadian citizens and you will be protected by the Canadian government under their laws while you will be pay your taxes.

The Permanent Residency Card (PR) expires every five years and can be renewed anytime before the expiry date.

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• A child born newly in Canada is not required to undergo all the mentioned process later on, because he/she already becomes a Canadian citizen by birth.

• After meeting up with the specified residency years, you can apply and become a full Canadian citizen.

– as a citizen, you have the right to vote and be voted for

– you’re entitled to enjoy all the social vibes by other Canadian citizens

• You can loose your Permanent Residency Card through the following

– If you become a Canadian citizen

– If you willingly denounced your residents status

– If for one reason or the other an order is been passed on you to be removed

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