Dubai Visa Application: How To Apply For UAE Visa

Dubai Visa Application: How To Apply For UAE Visa

If you wants to travel to the United Arab Emirates, (maybe Dubai) either as a tourist or as a permanent resident, then you need to obtain a Visa.

In this article, I would show you step by step on how to obtain the UAE Visa within a period of time.

Bearing in mind, that the United Arab Emirates consists of seven different Emirate and you needn’t apply for a special Visa for all the Emirates, rather you can reside in any part of UAE such as

• Dubai

• Ajman

• Sharjah

• Fujairah

• Ras Al Khaimah

• Umm Al Quwain

• Abu Dhabi

provided you have already gotten the UAE Visa.

To crown it all, if you wants to travel to Dubai, you will have to obtain the UAE visa because Dubai has no specific Visa itself, and the Visa obtained is validated to take you to any part of UAE.

Applying for Dubai Visa

before moving to apply for a Visa while planning on tripping to Dubai, they’re series of things you must know and posses depending on your type of Visa either as a tourist or a permanent residence.

Check if you need a Visa before traveling to Dubai

Before taking a trip to Dubai, is it essential to find out if you need a Visa before traveling or not. they’re specific countries whom are exempted from going through Visa processes but rather comes direct to the United Arab Emirates.

So it is important to check if you’re to apply or not, if you are from any of the countries then move on to carry any necessary process before traveling to UAE.

below are some of the countries that are Visa Exempted for UAE, the nationals of the following countries can enter the United Arab Emirates with an ID or a passport.

• Kuwait

• Bahrain

• Saudi Arabia

• Oman

The non-native residents of GCC counties are not Visa exempted but however, if they’re traveling with GCC nationals, they can apply through a made easier online process.

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Aside this, the Mexican nationals can travel to the United Arab Emirates and spend up to 180 days without a Visa

The national of the following counties

• Brazil

• Argentina

• Uruguay

• Nauru

• Chile

• Barbados

• Paraguay

• Serbia

• Seychelles

• Solomon Islands

can equally travel to the United Arab Emirates without Visa and may live up to 90 days.

The nationals of the following mentioned countries can travel and live in the United Arab Emirates for up to 90 days within the speculated 180 days.

• EU member states (except Ireland and the UK)

• Norway

• Switzerland

• Liechtenstein

• Montenegro

• Russia

• Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

• Honduras

• Iceland

Aside that, the citizens of the following can also travel to the UAE without Visa for up to 30 days

• Ukraine

• China

• Macau

• Japan

If you’re not a national of all the above mentioned countries, and you wish to travel to Dubai, then you must obtain a visa.

Although they’re some controversies within the following nationals, so visitors wishing to travel from these countries should be sure they make a proper research on the terms and conditions regrading the United Arab Emirates Visa free policies on them.

• Liberia

• Mongolia

• Grenada

• Nauru

• Solomon Islands

Types of UAE Visa

Mainly. they’re 4 different types of Visa for traveling to the United Arab Emirates and each of them has slight different mode of application and policies.

Tourist Visa :

The tourist Visa as the name implies is the type of Visa issued to visitors wishing to travel to the United Arab Emirates for tourisms.

The Visa is a very short term one with a time span of not more than 30 days of your arrival before traveling back.

Residence Visa

Also as the name suggests, residence Visa are the types of Visas given to foreigners wishing to settle in the UAE for either permanently or temporarily.

The resident Visa comprises of the students Visa, work Visa, investor Visa or any type of residency trip to the UAE.

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Transit Visas

The United Arab Emirates transit Visa are issued to foreigners who have to transit through the UAE, normally these Visa take about 46 to 96 hours.

Getting the list of the United Arab Emirates Visa requirements

If you’re preparing to apply for a Visa to Dubai, then consider getting the following documents before going to the Visa application center.

• A passport of yourself and that of your sponsor

• You must carry the photocopy of your passport with you which normally valid for up to 6 months or less.

• For the females travelling alone, you will need to obtain a no objection Certificate (NOC) from either your father or husband.

• A confirmed round-trip airline ticket or an airline ticket for onward travel.

• If you’re traveling via an airline, then you must obtain the tickets for that particular airline.

• A proof of your dwelling place maybe a hotel or any where showing that you have an accommodation if you travel to the UAE.

• You must purchase a travel medical insurance for UAE and the proof must be showed.

• A letter of traveling from you, stating your reasons and duration for your United Arab Emirates trip

• You must have a proof of legal residence in your home country “your Visa or residence permit” if you’re not a national of the country you want to travel from.

• You would also show a proof of your relationship to your supposed host and a proof of their residential status. a copy of your host’s United Arab Emirates Resident Visa and/or their Emirates ID if you have a host. you will also show a proof of their status financially certified copy of their work contract or their salary certificate

• You would Also provide proof of your previous travels to the UAE.
you will also be required to bring copies Visa maybe anyone of UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, New Zealand and Schengen Area you have been given within past 5 years back.

• Your proof of financial status is also required at times.

• Your current address

• Your marriage certificate

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These are almost all the necessary documents, although you might be required to provide an additional one depending on your trip.

Proceed to Register your Visa application online or through a paper submission

After getting all the documents above, you can proceed to apply for your UAE Visa either through online or paper based. this should be done by your sponsor based in UAE or you can use a third party maybe a colleague, Recommended travel assist,
the hotel you wants to lodge in UAE and any of the airlines below if you will be flying with them.

• Emirates Airline

• Air Arabia

• Etihad Airways

• Fly Dubai


It is very important to take note of this’ that the United Arab Emirates do not issue Visa through its embassies or consultants in the oversea, hence you cannot apply for a UAE visa and submit the application for yourself if you’re outside the UAE. all you need to do is to get the help of the above mentioned firms or your sponsor.

Where to apply for a UAE Visa?

UAE visa applications can be submitted either online or in-person at one of the following agencies:

You can apply for the UAE Visa in the following places

• You can apply for the UAE Visa through eChannel portal of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship – ICA

• It can also be done online through the website of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs – GDRFA

• With the help of your sponsor, it can equally be applied through any licensed typing centres of the GDRFA in all the Emirates or maybe with the help of one of the Amer centres in Dubai

After all the registrations, make the payments for the Visa application and then submit your applications for approval.

The above methods of applications is to aid your third party such as your sponsors or any other person’s helping you out.

While the process is ongoing, the only help you can be of is to get your documents.

For more information, you can visit the official website of the UAE Visa application.

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