Australia Student Visa Application

Australia Student Visa Application

If you are interested in studying in Australia, then obtaining the Australia student Visa is one of the first crucial step to take.

Australia student Visa is very easy to apply, however you’re expected to pass series of requirements which may ranges from documents requirements, interview qualification or any other.

How do I get Australia Student Visa

Getting the Australia Student Visa might seems awe or a bit of complication but following the steps and getting the requirements rightly is the key.

Below are the important requirements you will have to meet up with according to the Department of Home Affairs.

• Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement

• Health and character requirements

• Financial requirements

• English proficiency requirements

What is a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)?

While the rest might be easy to grab and determined, the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) might seems to be a big deal or some liabilities if you’re hearing the term from the first time.

This is how it works

The Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) was introduced in 2011, it is a new Student Visa policy which says the prospective Visa applicants must be able demonstrate their intentions to stay in Australia for the mean time while studying, or to accompany any applicants, maybe spouse, child or a guardian.

The officials at the Department of Home Affairs are entitled to make the decisions of your qualification and they consider a lot of factors before doing that such as,

• Value of your chosen course to your future

• Circumstances in your home country

• Potential circumstances for you in Australia

• Your immigration history

This phase of exercise also require you to make an appointed with the delegated decision makers at the embassy of your country or any Visa Application Centre and take an interview for proper confirmations.

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It is left for you to prove this requirements by putting in your best efforts, otherwise you might get instant disqualification.

Financial Requirements

The financial requirements is the term you must prove also. proving your financial requirements for your cost of living during your study time must be made clearly and the fees is set to be at least AU $20,290 for each year.

If you’re carrying a spouse, child or any guardian, you will also provide the evidence of financial balance that will also take care of him/her for the main time with you while studying.

If you have any sponsor or a supporter maybe your parents, spouse or any other person, then you must show they at least earn up to AU$60,000 annually.

English Proficiency Requirements

Before you’re able to eligible for the Australia student Visa application, you will need to prove to the officials that you can communicate in English if you’re from an English speaking country.

Note; If have already completed at least five years study in English language either you’re from an English speaking country or not, you’re not entitled to prove that again.

The English speaking requirements test expect you to meet up with the required level of English language communication.

The tests include the TOEFL, IELTS, iBT, Academic Cambridge Advanced English (ACAE), Pearson Test of English (PTE).

Health requirements

Your health requirements is notably important to ascertain.

Although not all, but many applicants will be asked to take some medical or radiological check-up or the two combined to be sure they’re medically fit to study in Australia.

This is mostly important for applicants intending to handle some intricate field such as being doctor, dentist or nurse.

The applicant in this field must be medically fit to study in those courses, to prove this, you can make an appointment with an Approved Australian Doctor by the immigration departments.

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All Students are required to obtain an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), you can get this from your university or from the following organization approved by the Australia government.

• BUPA Australia,

• Australian Health Management

• nib OSHC.

• Medibank Private,

• Allianz Global Assistance

However, those from Belgium, Sweden and Norway are exempted from obtaining this.

Exempted, applicants from Sweden are those who have purchased health insurance through Kammar kollegiet, if you have not, then you will have to purchase the (OSHC).

Character requirements

To be able to study, in Australia, you must be good in characters and have proper mannerisms.

Criminals are also allowed into Australia to study. to fill for this, you might need a penal clearance certificate or statements from police.

If you’re able to meet up with the threshold requirements above, then move on to apply for the Australia Student Visa.

below are the effective steps to follow.

Apply and get Approved by your Choice of Institutions

Before going to apply for the Australia Student Visa, you are expected to apply and get approved by the respective institution of your choice in Australia and be offered Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) in form of a pin which confirmed that you have been approved by course registered under the Commonwealth Register of Institutions of Courses (CRICOS).

Apply to get the Australia Student Visa

After following the above due process, and you’re able to pass and meet up with the eligibility terms, you can then apply to get the Australia student application form

The application is normally done online and all the foreign students aspiring to study in Australia will apply for the same Visa which is called student Visa (subclass 500).

Get the Australian student Visa documents and fill them for Submission

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While you’re at the veg of your application, you should check and acquire the necessary Australia Student Visa documents, you can check that on website of The Department of Home Affairs.

After getting the documents, fill in the forms and then proceed to payments page.

Pay your Application Fees and submit your application

To be able to get your Australia Student Visa Applications submitted, you will have to pay the application fees which is AU$620 or US$420 after then you can submit your application pending approval.

Apply with the Immigration Account application system.

After you have successfully made your payments and have competed all the other process and have submitted, you can now create an online account and apply with the Immigration Account application system.

Wait for your Visa to Process

After submitting your application marking the end of the process, then wait for your application to process for approval.


• The Australia Student Visa application takes about 4 weeks before being approved

• With the Australia Student Visa, you can work for part-time (up to 40hrs) time during studies or full time during the holidays.

However, those on Master’s of PhD do not have any work restrictions

• You can arrive in Australia 90 days before your education programme starts.

• if you’re studying in Australia for a course that has more than 10 months schedule, then your Visa allocated expires in the next 3 months (90 days) called grace period while preparing to leave the Country.

• If your study schedule is less than 10 months, then your Visa allocated will be expired two months after the completion of your program.

• You can decided to obtain a permanent Resident Visa in other to work if you’re intending to.

To know more about the Australia Student Visa, you can Visit the website of the Department of Home Affairs.

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