Migrate to Australia as a Skilled Worker

Migrate to Australia as a Skilled Worker

Are you planning on going to Australia as permanent or temporary resident through skillful workers? then in this write up, you will learn fully about the different types of Australia skillful workers program.

In every year, the Australian government welcome new sets of immigrants from different parts of the world either for permanent or temporary residential purposes.

Due to the enticing nature of Australia, a lot of visitors from different parts of the world are usually attracted to visiting the country maybe to settle there permanently or on a mare visit.

In this article, we will categorically base on immigration to Australia through skillful workers and it’s types.

What is Australia Skillful workers?

Many developed countries around the world has the skillful workers program in which skillful foreigners from another country who is seeking opportunities and wishes to settle in the particular country can apply for the various programs. here Australia is one of the leading nation offering the program.

Normally, the skillful workers program as the name implies is for individuals who are skillful professionals in the various fields such as bussiness, medicines, engineering or any others. the application is opened for every individuals who wishes to settle down in Australia permanently so you can as a matter of fact believe the credibility that the process is transparent and indistinguishable.

The Australian skilled workers Visa are offered on Point based system and are of subclasses.

It requires you to meet up with a certain numbers of points which is the threshold for all the qualified workers intending to reside in Australia permanently.

This is made easier and flexible because some applicants of a particular Visa type may be / are choosy in their job entitlement after reaching Australia meaning’ after choosing a particular job, interestingly you can switch from your former to another when the subtility is quite enticing or encouraging.

Nevertheless, the particular occupations which are in demand at the particular time is determined by the Australian government and other other province in Australia, this is made available on the Skilled Occupations Lists on a national level. the list is dynamic and are always updated regularly.

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Aside the above ways ( skilled workers) you can reside in Australia permanently by the sponsor Visa method, this works with the principle that if you have anyone who’s hiring your skills of expertise, you can apply or be given the work or if you have a relative residing in Australia. the sponsor Visa is arguably the best option because it is pointless.

Those entering through sponsored Visa are not entitled to score a certain numbers of points before being approved for Australia work permit/Visa for permanent residency, all they have to do is to undergo the normal process for permanent Visa application and then wait for approval before moving into the country.

As mentioned earlier, in the permanent Visas classes you are not restricted to the occupation you nominated in your visa application, rather you can work freely in any type of occupation of your tastes upon your arrival to Australia. this makes the whole process easier and as well as the job security after traveling to Australia becomes much more compatible.

Below are the lists of Visa options with their eligibility for each of the subclasses

Long term and permanent Residency Visa

This is an employer-independent visa which allows the holders to travel to Australia and work without any restrictions in the nominated skills.

you are not required to apply for a specific required occupations in Australia, this type of Visa also allows self employment and many more ways to explore yourself.

below are the requirements:

• Points-test requirements

• Residency requirements (Australia-wide or state-specific)

• Sponsorship requirements (by Australian state/territory, employer or Australian relative)

Although the requirements and the conditions may vary depending on the visa subclass, they’re maybe an additional requirements.

The Visa holders are allowed to travel in Australia indefinitely and have a 5-year travel facility attached, you will equally enjoy the social benefits like other Australians too.

After the 5 years, the Visa holders are expected to apply for a resident return Visa if they are willing to enter Australia again after an international travel.

Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189)

This type of Visa is offered to individuals with some specific skills and qualifications. the skills. are assessed and determined by the Australia government and are then made available for immigrants whom are expertise in the field for application.

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There is segregation in this type of skilled Visa because skills assessment is required before the Visa application and the individual’s qualifications must be applicable and relevant to the occupation in demand.

Furthermore, in this type of Visa subclass, there is no residency or workplace requirements, hence individuals are given permanent residency because the skill workers are highly demanded in Australia.

below are the basic requirements

• Applicants must Aged below 45

• you need to meet up with Points-test requirement

• A Valid passport

• Should be good in English language skills

• The occupation must be listed on the relevant list

• You should not have a previous refusal or cancellation Australia Visa

• Assessment of skills

• Health fitness check

• Proof of /character requirements

• Applicants must not have an outstanding debts with the Commonwealth

Employer Nomination Scheme visa (subclass 186)

The employer nomination visa is the type of Visa issued to foreigners whom are expertise in various skills, the foreigners are nominated by a certain employer from Australia and will be sponsored by the nominee.

The employer nomination Visa do not require any points test, hence not point-based for it’s nominations, the only criteria is for the applicants occupation to be featured among the demanding works or perhaps must be relevant in the aspect.

The applicants from abroad are sponsored by the employer including his families if they’re available and should be included in the Visa as secondary applicants.

The employer in question must agreed to employ him for up to 2 years with reasonable position before being nominated.

below are the requirements

•Aged under 45

• Valid passport

• Sufficient English language

• skills Nomination by an Australian employer

• Full-time contract for at least two years

• Occupation is listed on the relevant list

• At least three years of relevant work experience

• Health check

• there should be character requirements (no previous convictions),

• all the outstanding debts with the Commonwealth should be cleared

• No prior refusal or cancellation of an Australian visa.

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Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190)

This is the type of skilled workers Visa in which applicants are temporarily hire and employed to work in Australia for up to five years and can then apply for permanent residency after 3 years of staying. this Visa is wholly based on submitting your expression of Interest through SkillSelect.

This can be done in or outside Australia if you meet up with the requirements of your nominee either you’re selected by a state, territory or relatives.

The said applicants must stay in the territory or any region that nominated you for up to 2 years before any changes.

below are the requirements

• Submitting an Expression of Interest

• Must be an expertise in the said skills on the list of the nominated occupations.

• He/sh must have a good skills assessment

• Applicants should be or more than 18 years shouldn’t be above 45 years at the moment of the invitation.

Aside that, you are expected by be good in the general requirements such as

Must have a threshold point of 65 or more on the points test

– English language efficiency

– Good health

– Character evaluation


Skilled Work Regional Provisional (subclass 491)

This type of Visa has no much difference from the others, but it is regional based, meaning you will be nominated to work and reside in a particular state, or territory in Australia for up to five years.

requirements are

• Must have up to 65 points

• Your age must be 45 or below

• Sufficient English language skills

• Proper skills Assessment

• You must be Nominated by an Australian territory

• Your occupation must be listed on the relevance list


Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional visa (subclass 494)

This is a type of skilled workers Visa in which a certain Australia state, territory or any location sponsored an expert in a particular skills to work for them for up to 5 years.

basic requirements

• Candidate must aged below 45

• You must be Nominated and sponsored by the Australian state or territory

• You must possess sufficient English language skills

• Suitable skills Assessment

For more information about the Australian permanent resident Visa, you can visit the website of the department of home affairs.

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