Canada Student Visa Application

Canada Student Visa Application

Canada is one of the most favorable place to study in the world due to its high standard educational sector.

In every year, more than 130,000 foreign students are applying to study in all the various institutions of studies in Canada.

But how do I move to Canada to study ? of course this is a simple but the most important question to ask when hoping to apply for any institutions of studies in Canada. In order to study in Canada you will need a Canada student Visa or Student permit.

What is Canada Student Visa/ Visa Permit ?

Before you can study as an international student in Canada, you will need to apply and get a Canada student permit otherwise known as student Visa, the Canada student permit will serve as your whole tickets and identification whenever you’re requested for anything binding to your identification.

The student Visa permit are applied by people who will study for more than 6 months perhaps up to a year or more, students coming to study in a time less than 6 months are to apply for the Visitor Visa.

Once you have gotten the Canada student permit, you can proceed to study in the institution of your choice. the student Visa permit do not only warrant you staying to study in Canada but will also allow you to do any part time work on campus or off campus depending how you want it. with the help of the Visa permit, you can equally follow some certain simple procedures and apply for a work there as a full time worker for permanent residency upon your graduation.

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Below is how to apply

Apply for any study Institution of your choice

Before any forms of Visa permit application as a student, you will have to apply and get approved by any known institution of study in Canada. those applying to study in Quebec should at same time apply for a certificate of acceptance, known as a CAQ from the Quebec government before proceeding for Visa permit application.

After you’re approved by any recognized institution of studies in Canada, then you will clearly have to print out your letter of acceptance for reference purpose before you’re allowed to apply for the Visa permit.

Apply for Student Visa/ Visa permit

After printing your letter of acceptance, the next step is how to find your way into Canada. you will have to apply for the Visa permit.

Before proceeding to apply for a Visa permit, it is crucial to check if you need a Visa or not before moving in for the school.

The following applicants do not need a Visa permit;

• If you are a family or a staff of a foreign representative serving in Canada and he/she is accredited by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development.

• If you are a member of an arm forces from the Visiting Force Act.

• If you’re applying to study in less than 6 months or so.

• If you’re a citizen of another country but you have a registered Canadian status.

If you do not belong to any the mentioned categories, then you’re entitled to have a Visa permit before traveling to Canada to study.

Even at that, the Canada Visa permit is not a traveling Visa so you will have to apply for a traveling Visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) if you’re approved for the Visa.

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With the recent Canadian Visa policy, you can get your Visa permit application done in two weeks if you have a family working for or applying for work permit in Canada.

To apply for Canada Visa, you either logging to their Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website or through paper at any nearby Visa application Center.

You will be required to bring some documents, which will be mentioned to you be the delegated workers there, you might also be asked to obtain a temporary residence permit depending on the Canada Visa policy for your country.

To get the application going, you will have to answer some certain questions on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website. failing the questions might put you at the stake of getting your Visa permit application halted, so be careful while undertaking the process.

Among some of the few questions you’re to answer is the proof of the amount of fees that can complete your studies there, to proof this you will need a bank statement or any type of required method, if you’re on scholarship, you will need a letter from the person or the institution giving you the money or proof of funding which will be paid within Canada.

Also, you will be asked if you have any charges against you before such as criminal charges, money laundering or any other forms. criminals are not allowed into the country to study.

After that, create an account with the CIC and enter your personal checklist code which will be sent to you if you’re eligible. the code will allow you to send your details to CIC using a printer or a scanner. keep the code intact for reference purpose in the nearer future. after the documents are uploaded you can proceed to pay your fees and then submit.

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What is the Application fees for the Canada Student permit ?

So far, the amount is CA$10,000 per year of your stay in Canada, additionally CA$11,000 if you’re applying to study in Quebec. after having all the tuition money, you’ll also make sure you have your transport back home.


• Your Student Visa permit will expire 90 days after you complete your programs and you’re expected to renew it before then to a post graduation work permit if you’re interested in working there after your studies.

• You will be asked for proof of English language efficiency, if you’re from an English speaking country.

• Candidates from China, India, Philippines or Vietnam can apply through Student Direct Stream which makes the procces faster and easier although with some strict language requirements. you need to score in IELTS at least 6, or a 7 in the Niveaux the Compétence Linguistique Canadiens for French, or you’re a graduate from any Canadian-curriculum high school.

• Candidates from middle east, Europe or Africa may be required to provide their biometrics, the biometrics fee is CAD 85

• Depending on your nationality, you might be invited for an interview, although they’re may be a little charge for that too for using their services.

• The whole Process takes about 90 days to complete except for Student Direct Stream which takes about 20 days with an additional charge of CAD 150.

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