UK Student Visa Application

UK Student Visa Application

United Kingdom is one of the most favorable and considerate place to choose when thinking about traveling abroad for studies.

It has one of the most standard educational sector in the world with its universities among the top ranked. It has well equipped research lab and well learnt expertise in all the various study niches.

Thousands of international students are applying to study in the various institutions of learning in the United Kingdom and the process is ongoing repeatedly.

How do I apply to study in UK 

Before applying to study in any institutions of learning in the United Kingdom, it is very crucial to obtain a United Kingdom student visa which allows you to automatically partake in any students activities in the country.

In summary, Before applying for the visa, they’re series of steps you will have to follow productively, considering the stress and waste of time regarding the processes, one is expected to start the processes as early as possible.

The application is however not so much confusing but the whole lot of time and the nut and crack process is worrisome, it involves getting your acceptance letter from the institution of studies, figure out if you need a Visa or not, if you need, then figure out the categories of Visa to apply, find out the particular documents and the eligibility terms for the Visa, if you’re qualified, then move on to get the required documents.

After undertaking the above mentioned processes online, proceed to any Visa application center or embassy of your country, then opt for a Visa application form for the particular Visa you wants,  fill in the forms, upload all the necessary documents, pay your fees and submit your application pending approval.

Below are the steps

Step 1; Apply for the institution of learning of your choice in UK and get your acceptance letter

Before proceeding to start the process of applications, the most important first step to undertake is getting approval by the institution you wish to study.

This is a simple process that involves you to apply to the university of your choice, then wait for approval wish will be done in a short time. after that you’ll be issued an acceptance letter in which you’ll use to start your Visa application processes.

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Note; without the acceptance letter, you won’t be allowed to start any Visa application process, so it is very important to obtain it as soon as possible before your application time.

You should also make sure you apply to an institutions with Tier 4 Sponsor License because not all the institutions of learning in United Kingdom are licensed to host international students wishing to study in the country.

Below are some recommended universities you can apply

• University of East Anglia

• Northumbria University

• University of Surrey

• Oxford Brookes University

• University of East London

Step 2; Find out if you need a Visa or Not 

After getting the acceptance letter from the institution of your studies, then find out if you need to apply for a Visa or not.   you can check that on the UK Visa and immigration website, owing to the fact that Visa application and immigration is managed by the UK Visas and Immigration.

Although according to the the result of the UK’s referendum on membership in the European Union called  (‘Brexit’), which led to some uncertainty axiom about visa regulations, however the United Kingdom government has mentioned that there will be no any form of halts to the rights and status of EU citizens until 2021.


Switzerland nationals and other applicants from the EU/EEA states are not entitled to apply for a Visa before moving on to study in any institutions of learning in the United Kingdom.

If you’re not a national of the mentioned states, then hurry up and apply for your United Kingdom student Visa as early as possible.

Below are the types of Visa

For those wishing to study for a period of about 6 months and are up to 18 years, they can apply for the short courses Program, in this case you needn’t apply to institutions which are Tier 4 Sponsor Licensed.

If your program is a longer one, maybe more than 6 months and above and you’re wishing to study in the United Kingdom, then you’re expected to apply to institutions which are Tier 4 Sponsor Licensed.

The Tier 4 Sponsor License institution may be registered for child, or general depending on your age. as from 16 and above you’re expected to apply for the Tier 4 Sponsor License general.

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Step 3; Apply for the Tier 4 Sponsor License Visa online. 

If you have figured out the categories you belong and you have met all the criteria, then proceed to apply for the Visa online.

below are some of the required documents.

• Details of your passport

• A recent photograph, get a recent picture of yourself.

• An unconditional offer of a place on a course offered by a licensed Tier 4 Sponsor, proofed by a ‘Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies’ (CAS) form from your course provider ( up to 30 points)

• Proof of efficient English language skills, you need to proof this by passing the secure English language tests (SELT). however, if you’re from an English speaking country, then you’re not entitled to proof that.

alternatively, if you have completed a qualification equivalent to a UK degree in a country with English language as the official language, then you’re not entitled to proof that too.

• For those between 16/17 and are wishing to apply for Tier 4 general student Visa must prove that they can travel and live in United Kingdom alone by providing a written consent from their parents or guardians.

• You will equally show a proof of your financial status indicating that you can sponsor yourself for the main time of your studies in the United Kingdom, you can proof this using bank statements or any approved methods by the officials of the Visa application center, you can also use any statement of affirmation from your sponsors.

Don’t be surprised if you’re required to prove that you must have £1,015 (~US$1,300) monthly for your cost of living if you’re living outside London in UK and  £1,265 (~US$1,600 for your cost of living if you’re staying in London.

having gotten this will grants you an additional 10 points.

• For those from Switzerland and EU/EEA, you can proceed further after the aforementioned requirements are met, but If you’re a non-EU/EEA/Switzerland and you’re an applicant aspiring to study a sensitive course, then you may be required to obtain an ATAS certificate.

Note: the United Kingdom student Visa application is point based and each applicant is expected to meet up with the required points, hence if you’re able to provide the required information, then you’re at a high chance of of securing a spot.

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Step 4; fill your Visa application form 

After getting the above documents, then proceed to fill your forms online before being directed to payments page.

Step 5; Pay for the United Kingdom student Visa application fees

The UK student visa fees should be paid after completing the forms filling.

below is the breakdown of the fees.

For short term Visa,  you’re entitled to pay an amount of £97 (~US$120).

If you’re on a long term program, then depending on your Visa type the pay may differs too, here we will focus of the Tier 4 general.

For applicants of the Tier 4 general, the fees is 348 (~US$440), If you have any dependent person maybe a spouse or any other, then you’re to pay an additional £348 for each person.

You will also pay £300 (~US$380) for healthcare in other to be allowed to access the National Health Service (NHS) while staying in the country to study.

Step 5; Submit your UK Visa application

After filling all the applications form and making your payments, then you can submit your UK students application form waiting to be processed and approved.

Wait for your Visa Application to process 

After submitting, then you’re expected to wait while your application form is being processed. normally the processing time takes about 3 weeks or less for all the various categories of the the UK student Visa.

While waiting for your Visa to be processed, you can make an appointment for interview with the officials of the Visa application center.

Depending on your nationality, you may required to come for an interview, there you’ll be able to prove your documents showing your qualifications alongside with your biometrics.

you may also answer some certain questions from the officials such as if you have any charges against you before or anything related to crimes.

you may also be required to take some medical vaccinations or run a tuberculosis test.


As a holder of the United Kingdom student Visa, you can work for up to 20hrs per week during school time for those above 17 and about 10hrs per week if you’re 16/17.

During holidays, the both parties can work for full time depending on the type of work.

for more information, you can visit the website of the United Kingdom Visa applications.

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