Canada Visa: What to know before Applying for a Visa to Canada

Canada Visa, What to know before Applying for a Visa to Canada

With the advance in technology, too many people want to travel either as permanent immigrants or temporary. but one of the most common factors that hinder that is the question of where to go, how to go, ways to get qualified, how to get the necessary documents, and many more, so here I will explain to you, in a nutshell, the different types of Canada Visa according to your suits and the basic qualifications.

Canada is one of the most prominent countries located in North America, it is among the most eye-catching country for hopeful immigrants due to its high development and the greener pasture there for the applicants.

Recently, Canada was ranked among the top list of the most visited and aspired countries in the world. they’re millions of people applying for Canada visas annually but how do you apply and what are the chances you will be granted?

What is Canada Visa?

Canada Visa is a key tool that gives you a way into Canada safely and fairly.

It is a slip of stamped passport by the Canadian officials in the embassy of your country. it gives full authorship to travel to Canada without any charge of illegality, but before then you’re expected to pass a series of questions from the Canadian Border Services Officers (BSO) working in the embassy of your respective country.

Failure to attempt to the questions correctly with concrete reasons why you’re interested in traveling to Canada might probably get your Visa applications revoked. the only magic is to get the questions correctly with your reasons or otherwise.

Depending on your trip, the Visa might be for a permanent residency or temporarily maybe for spending some holidays, business trip,s or some diplomatic assignments for the officials.

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How can I Qualify for Canada Visa?

They’re typically visa exemption countries that are not allowed to apply for Canada visa.

If your country is not from the Visa Exempted, or with Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) agreement with Canada then you’re expected to apply for the Visa if you are willing to.

It is also important to take into consideration the type of Visa you want before heading to get the Canadian Visa at their Embassy. depending on the types of trip you’re embarking on, they’re different kinds of visa with different methods of application for a successful trip to Canada.

We have Temporary and permanent Visa depending on your trip

Temporary Visa

This is the type of single or multiple entry Canadian visas that allow travelers to travel to Canada within a specific time and return back to their country after the expected time is reached.

Normally this type of Visa may take you long up to 6 months, the date is normally fixed by the Canadian Border Services Officers (BSO) officials.

Below are the types of temporary Canada visa

Diplomatic and official Visa; these are the types of Visa given to diplomats of foreign countries for official duties such as political assignments.

Canada Tourist Visa; this is the type of Visa commonly offered to tourists who wish to travel to Canada for tourism. the holder is expected to return to their country after the scheduled time is breached.

Canada Super Visa; this is issued to parents or grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents who want to visit their siblings for the main time.

Courtesy Visa; this is the type of Visa given to officials who are not highly ranked to be called diplomats but have a key position. it also includes officials who do not have diplomatic intents but wishes to travel to Canada.

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Canada Business Visa; are Visa allocated to individuals with business intents.

Canada working Holiday Visa; this is the Visa given to Individuals to work in Canada, it is more like a lottery because it is a random selection after the applicants have been submitted their applications. the Working Holiday normally does not take more than 6 months.

Canada temporary Residence Permit; individuals who are not authorized to stay for a temporary residency can be given a temporary resident permit for a short time up to 2 weeks.

Temporary worker permit; workers who are given a job offer in Canada temporarily are allocated with this type of Visa, they can work up to 6 months before returning.

Canada temporary Student Visa; students offered admission to study temporarily at any Canada institution of studies within a short space of 6 months are offered this type of Visa

Facilitation Visa; this Canada temporary Visa is given to a person with double nationality, mainly one of Canada but he/ she does not have a Canada Visa.

Canada Birth Visa; this Visa is offered to individuals intending to give birth in any respective hospital of their choice in Canada, after the necessary fulfilments, giving birth to the baby automatically makes him/her a Canadian citizen.

Intending organ Donors; people intending to donate their organs to any Canadian citizen or permanent resident are given this type of Visa.

Permanent Canada Visa

This is the type of Visa Allocated to an individual wishing to stay permanently in Canada, it is also called Immigrants Visa.

below are the types of Permanent or immigrants Visa

Start Up Visa; this is the type of Visa granted to people wishing to stay in Canada permanently with the following conditions. He/ she must have a net worth of $300,000CAD and will be contributing to the Canada economy. also within their 3 years of being in Canada, they must create employment and manage at least one-third of a Canadian business.

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• Immigrant Inventor Programme Visa; this permanent residency Visa is given to people who will invest in the country’s economy and applicants must have a net worth not less than 800,000CAD. they will also have to invest at least 400,000 and will be returned 5 years later after the investment by the government without any interest.

Self Employed Canada Visa; this is wholly for people who are experts in various skills and can employ themselves whenever they get into Canada, you must be able to communicate with French fluently too.

Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP); this visa is offered to caregivers in order to take care of elderly, disabled people, or children. they must be qualified and live in private homes.

Family Sponsorship; individuals having families or spouses as Canadian citizens or permanent residents can apply and stay with their families permanently.

Canada Express Entry Programme

This is the type of Visa issued by the Canadian government. It is an electronic immigration program designed the government to select people with skills from different parts of the world to work and explore their skills there keeping in mind that you will have to contribute to the country’s economy.

To know more about Canada Express Entry Visa, click here.

Canada Experience Class

This type of visa is given to people who already have a temporary Canada residency Visa but wish to switch to a permanent one. this is only possible for people with a student temporary Visa or a temporary work visa, the person in question must be settling in Canada having gotten a Canadian education or work experience.

For full details on how to apply for a Canada Visa check here.

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