USA Visa Application Guidelines

USA Visa Application

Due to the high development and good standard of living in the US, people are always at the top-notch of dreaming to visit the country, either for temporary visits or permanent immigrations, in each of the cases, you will find out that the application for the US Visa is one of the most competitive and tasking Visa to apply.

In any of the two types of trips to the United States, there is a need to get a stamped passport called Visa before traveling to the country.

What Is a US Visa?

The USA Visa is a piece of stamped passport issued by the officials of the United States delegated to work in the embassy of your country.

These groups of workers are assigned to Examine and interview any applicants applying for the United States Visa and they’re entitled to approve or disapprove you if they discovered you might be a threat to the United States.

Who Should Apply for Us Visa

Recall that you will need a visa before entering the United States, the US Visa is open to anyone provided you’re qualified and meet up with the requirements, depending on the type of visa you’re applying for.

Also, note;

Applicants wishing to travel from the 39 Visa exempted countries like Australia, Canada, Bermuda, and others may apply for the Visa Waiver program.

The Waiver programme is a simple and easiest way to travel from Canada, Bermuda, or any of the 39 countries to the United States. the programme exempts individuals from the various mentioned nationality from applying for Visa before tripping to the United States.

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Although the residents in any of the Visa exempted countries will also have to apply for a visa if he/she has a nationality that is not in line with the programme.

Below are the 39 countries working with the Waiver Programme.

• Andorra

• Australia

• Sweden

• Switzerland

• Taiwan

• Austria

• Belgium

• Brunei

• Chile

• Hungary

• Iceland

• Ireland

• Italy

• Lithuania

• Luxembourg

• Malta

• Monaco

• Netherlands

• New Zealand

• Norway

• Poland

• Japan

• Latvia

• Liechtenstein

• Portugal

• San Marino

• Singapore

• Slovakia

• Slovenia

• south Korea

• Spain

• Finland

• France

• United Kingdom

• republic Denmark

• Estonia

• Germany

• Greece

How to Apply for US Visa

You can easily apply for a US Visa at the United States embassy in your country.

below are the simple steps to follow

Step 1; Check if you need a Visa

When trying to apply for a United States Visa perhaps for the first time, then you’re obliged to check if you need to apply for Visa or not. if your country is not among the 39 countries running The Waiver programme then proceed to apply for the Visa.

Step 2; Choose the type of Visa you want

After crosschecking and you’re in bid to Apply for the Visa, then you’re expected to choose the type of Visa you wants since there are different types of trips.

below are some categories of trips you might be embarking on.


• Medical Treatment

• Visit Family Members

• Attend an Event or Conference

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• Negotiate Business Deals

• Attend Business Meetings

• Diplomats

Step 3; Fill in the Visa application

The USA Visa application is an application form you will have to fill out before obtaining Visa to travel to the United States.

The forms are available online or at the embassy of your country depending on the method of application you’ll want. if you’re applying for one, you’re to visit the Us consulate website and get it done. you can equally use a third party like companies which are highly recommended.

They’re two ways to Visa application.

In the first part, you will have to fill in some important information about yourself such as your Name, Email, Nationality, marital status, country mobile, place of birth, date of birth, education, passport work, family information, etc.

The second part of the application is a series of questions such as; have you been charged for an arrest before, have you participated in any form of money laundry before, have you been charged for murder or any form of genocide, etc.

Failing to provide accurate answers to the aforementioned items is tantamount to getting your Visa application halted.

Step 4; Proceed to pay your Visa application fees

The next step of the application is to get your Visa application fees paid. in other to get your Visa application going, you will have to pay all the necessary fees with your recipient intact for proof.

Depending on the type of visa you applied for, all the types of visas have different payments entitled to each.

Due to some relationship between you and your country, you might also be asked to pay the Visa Issuance fee.
although the amounts varies for different countries while some countries will not pay at all.

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To pay for the application fee, especially the nonimmigrants, the fee is generally $160 for any type of Visa such as tourist, business, student, and exchange visas.

For petition-based visas like work and religious visas, the fee is  $190. then K visas cost $265 and the fee amount for E visas application is $205.

It is important to note that the Visa application fee is a non-refundable fee, should in case your application gets rejected.

Step 5; Make an appointment for an Interview

After going through payments and other application processes, applicants between the age of 14 to 79 are expected to go for an interview at the embassy of your country to answer a few questions as to why they are applying to travel to the United States.

During the cause, you might still be denied a Visa application if your reasons are not important enough or if you’re suspected to pose a threat to the United States if allowed into the country.

Step 6; Wait for Your application to process

After going through the interview process with success, then you’ll have to wait for your applications to process.

Normally it takes a few days or up to a month depending on the type of visa you applied for.

There is a probability that you can still be denied at this stage, so you should wait patiently while your Visa is getting processed, you will be notified via mail if you’re rejected or approved.

After passing all these processes then congratulations, you can now travel to the US with your Visa.

However, having it is not 100% guaranteed that you can travel freely to the USA as you might be rusticated by the officials for some reasons.

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