Canada Visa Application: Easy way to apply For Canada Visa

Canada Visa Application: Easy way to Apply For Canada Visa

With the rates at which people tend to aspire for Canada Visa, and how tedious it is to apply these days, one is sometimes tempted to ask why are the procedures so difficult? why are many applicants rejected and what is the probability that the odd is in my favor.

To get this straight, I’ll be providing all necessary information linked to the application of Canada visa. how to apply and where to apply.

How do I apply for Canada Visa?

There are different types of Canada Visa out there and the type of Visa you wants to determine the method of the application, there’re series of general method you’ll have to follow for all the processes which I’ll be mentioning below.

Before applying for Canada Visa, it is very important to find out if you’re eligible or not. then after that, you can proceed with your registrations.

Having met up with the requirements, then you will have to create an online account. enter the requirements and then get a passport, below is how to do it.

How do I check If I am eligible for Canada Visa

To check if you are eligible for a Canada visa, proceed online, check for the Canadian Visa website and then answer a few questions by the questionnaire panels. this is questions are provided by the Canadian government officials to evaluate whom to, and whom not to enter Canada. after the successful short test, then congratulations you’re eligible for the application then you can proceed further. before answering the questions about the eligibility, you’ll have to choose the type of Visa you want reason being that all Visa’s application are policies differed.

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To know the different types of Canada Visa, check here.

If you’re Eligible for the said Visa Application, then you just need to provide your personal contacts, basically your email address for easy contact.

Instantly documents will be sent to you which contain a detailed description of the type of Visa you applied for, the method of application, time schedule for its expiration, and many more details alongside a reference code. you will have to use the reference code to further your applications.

Failure to safeguard the email properly might get your applications revoked and you will have to restart the process again. This is because the reference code is the most important and the key factor to further your applications. losing the code is tantamount to losing all the details you have previously entered.

After receiving the reference code, you can now proceed to create your online account using the code and whether or not you’re eligible to register online or offline will be stated in the mail sent to you.

If you’re eligible to register online, then proceed to create an account using your online banking login or Creating a Government of Canada login (GCKey).

After successful account creation, the lists of documents for the allocation will be shown, fill them out and proceed to submit the form before paying the fees.

How Much is Canada Visa Fees?

Following the submission of the necessary documents, you will be automatically redirected to the payments page where you will have to pay a certain amount of money depending on the type of Visa you applied for. you will have to pay some fees such as a processing fee and a biometrics fee. aside from that, a normal Visitor Visa fee is about $CAN100.

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After paying the fees mark the successful applications, then wait patiently while your visa will be processing. normally, it will take about 5 days for your applications to be visible on your account. If you apply in person, then you are expected to take it to the Canadian Embassy in your vicinity.

You will undertake an interview or your biometrics in the sense that you will have to provide your fingerprints, passport, and some necessary questions which you will answer before the Canadian officials at the Embassy of your country, and they will decide whether or not you’re allowed into Canada.

If you’re successful with the interview then you can proceed to email them your passport and then pay for the processing fee using check or money usually $20 to $50, depending on your type of visa. you must also pay for the returning envelop of your passports.

Afterward, the Embassy official upon receiving your mail will stamp your passports and then send them back to you.

Upon the successful application, then you can travel to Canada with your Visa.

Below are some facts you’ll have to keep in mind before applying for the Visa

• If your Visa applications got rejected after being processed, then note that The Canada Visa Application fee is a non-refundable fee. this is because the fee is not for the Visa itself but for the processing.

However, if you were rejected before the processing, then you’re liable to get your funds back.

• If your country of Resident does not have a Canada Embassy where you can get a Visa, then you can travel to another country and locate the Canada Embassy there to get the Visa, provided there is no conspiracy of Visa against your country of Nationality.

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• You can renew your temporary Canada Visa if you have overstayed but not more than 90 days(3 months).

You just have to apply for a Visitor Record and select “Restore my status as a visitor”.

• You can also apply for Visa extension if your Visa expiry date is near. this should not take less than 30 days to the expiry date and is totally different from “visitor restore Status”

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