Migrate To Canada Through The Provincial Nominee Programs

Migrate To Canada Through The Provincial Nominee Programs

If you are looking for a way to find your way into Canada for permanent residency, then consider The Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) if you’re skillful enthusiast.

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNPs) just like many other ways of immigration into Canada is very effective and transparent having kept the proper policies in order.

For years, the programme has immigrated thousands of hopeful immigrants every year and still counting till now, you can equally try your luck.

Between 2020 and 2022, more than 200,000 are awaiting to migrate to Canada as permanent residents through the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) following the official reports of the Canadian government recently.

Looking through the mutual benefits of the the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), the Canadian government have deliberately increased the Slot for the programme every year and the same time increased the allocation following the subsequent economic turnover brought by the programme.

The Provincial Nominee Program is the most decent way of securing a permanent residency in Canada, the programme is prioritized mainly on talents and skills.

How to apply for the Provincial Nominee Programme.

Step 1; Check if you’re eligible for the Provincial Nominee Program

But how do I know if I am eligible for a Provincial Nominee Program?

With different types of Provincial Nominee Program in Canada, each category has different streams of policies depending on the territory’s demand and their sets for the specific Nominee, the nomination selectee is mainly determined by the province and each province has its genre of skills they desire.

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As an aspirant wishing to secure a spot in Canada through the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), you must possess certain skills or work experience and should be determined to work and meet up with your Provincial expectations. liabilities are not welcomed, and you will have to work harder to impact society and the country’s economy at large.

A province A may set its own criteria for nomination which might, in turn, differ from the nomination criteria set by Province B. this is to say, that territory A may decide to nominate a skillful marketer to settle down with them in their territory, Province B, on the other hand, might prioritize their own nomination on a certain different skill, say French language.

To make it short, all nominations varies with the territorial desires to nominate the various individuals who will settle in their province.

Pointing to the aforementioned stats, your chance of determining your Provincial Nominee Programs eligibility might be sophistical, but nevertheless, with proper guides, you can get it right.

To easily check for your Provincial Nominee Program eligibility, you can use a PNPs Live tracker tool.

If you are eligible for the Provincial Nominee Program that is; (if you meet up with the various criteria sets by your province), then you can proceed to apply for the Provincial Nominee Program.

Step 2; Proceed to apply for the Provincial Nominee Program

After checking for the eligibility and you’re fortunate to be qualified, then apply for the programme, during the application you might be required to bring documents or any form of requirement for the application depending on your nationality, the locals there will guide you on that, perhaps if you’re applying online, you will be told the requirements.

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Step 3; Complete your Provincial Nominee Program Application & Submit

Applying for the program without submitting your application is a wasted effort, you will have to submit your application has done all the necessary requirements for the application process.

This application must be submitted to your chosen province or territory.

Step 4; Wait for the Processing of your Provincial Nominee Programs application

After undergoing all of the above processes, you will have to exercise patience while your Provincial Nominee Program application is processing.

Depending on your method of application either your application was submitted under the Entry-linked PNP stream or any other non-linked streams with the Express Entry.

This really affects your processing time with the rates at which each of the processes goes.

For those that applied through the Express Entry aligned PNPs, the application normally takes six months or less depending on the situation on the ground.

For the applicants with Non-Express Entry linked applications or paper-based applications, the applications processing time usually takes much more time may be between 1-2 years for all the processing to complete.

It is very important for the applicants to bear in mind that the application is in two phases’ the processing time for the PNPs and the second phase of the application process which allow you to apply to the government of Canada for your permanent resident approval, in each case you will have to wait for some certain time while it is processing, hence the time consuming you encounter.

To track your processing time for the Provincial application time, you can easily ask the authorities in charge for the latest, as for the government level, they’re certain tools designed for tracking the processing, if you care to.

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Step 5; Get your Provincial Nominee Program Certificate

After all the processes is completed and your application is processed and accepted, you will be given the Provincial Nominee Program Certificate marking your complete application process, phase 1′

Phase one because the Canadian government is entitled to making any immigration decision of all types while the Provincial entity counts on their decision after successful registration with them. for this, the Provincial Nominee Program is divided into two-phase, and each of them requires you to meet up with the criteria sets.

After submission and you get approval for the PNPs application, you will be offered a certificate which you will submit along with your second application to the government for your Canadian permanent residency approval.

Step 6; Apply to the Canadian government for your Permanent Residency Visa

Knowing too well that the government of Canada is responsible for approval for any immigration into the country, you will have to apply and submit your application for your permanent residency approval using the certificate obtained from the PNPs to the Canadian government pending approval again.

If you happen to fall among those that were nominated through Express Entry with PNP, then you can just apply through Express entry, if you’re not, then you’re expected to submit your paper-based application.

How much is the Provincial Nominee program Fee?

Although the amount varies for each Province, most of the Provincial Nominee Program candidates normally pay an average, of $250 to 2,000 range. some places like Alberta, Scotia. Nova and Northwest Territories do not demand any fees.

other payments you might encounter are listed below

• biometrics

• third-party fees

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